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Pinnacle Decision Design Associates Ltd is a provider of design solutions which are uniquely tailored to each clients needs.  Our range of clients span from developers in need of a design team for cost effective multi-unit complexes, to home owners building customized single detached homes.


3D Renderings
We provide highly detailed renderings which are successfully approved by the city.  Our lively and natural renderings are often used for marketing materials.


Home Design
Understanding the way you use your space is key to home design.  We will assess your living lifestyle and your daily needs. Then we design for optimal flow to ensure your space is elegantly usable.


Construction Drawings
We set high standards with creating precise and detailed construction drawings to be viewed by builders, city building department, structural engineers, land surveyors, contractors, and interior designers.  All our work comply with the latest edition of British Columbia Building Code 2018 & Vancouver Building By-Law 2014.