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Hythe on the Hill – Burnaby Custom Design

Hythe on the Hill – Burnaby Custom Design

Natural Synergy A view from the kitchen Spectacular view from any angle Folding glass panels Simple lines in staircase Main floor stairs Low profile panoramic window provides natural light while remaining private Full Frontal


Project: Hythe on the Hill
Location: Burnaby
Deliverables: Custom design, Construction drawings, Building permit application

We met a family who loved to throw parties, so our custom residential design revolved around the concept of Entertainment.  To optimize the space for gathering and socializing, we reversed the conventional house layout by placing the kitchen as the central hub on the second floor as the home owner wanted to share the spectacular view with friends and family. To further enhance it as the focal point; the dining area, living room and outdoor patio can easily be converted to a single social lounge to accommodate large family gatherings by folding up glass panels.  The top floor is successfully designed to maximize the view of the beautiful city and create a synergistic atmosphere when the three separate spaces are combined.